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Pet care/doggie middays since 2008
 My husband and I adopted our Golden puppy, Maggie, from the Animal Welfare Society in K'bunk Sept 2008. Because we work long hours, we quickly set about to research qualified pet sitters. The search didn't take long as Bonnie Couture from Bonnie's Pet Sitting was highly recommended from friends and others we trusted. Bonnie came and did an orientation meeting (and did so promptly after we called her) and we liked her immediately. Bonnie is very professional, meticulous, trustworthy and has really become an "Auntie" to Maggie, and our cat, Sadie. Maggie was very hyperactive with anxious energy when we first adopted her, and Bonnie is very calm and positive in her interactions with her and this has been very beneficial for Maggie and the whole family. She also has given us excellent recommendations for working with and better bonding with Maggie positively, through private clicker training and agility sessions with Linda Desmarais of Linda's Agility ~ and keeping her comfortable and beautiful through Leslie's Crisanaz's mobile pet grooming services, A Bow & Beyond.
I would recommend Bonnie without reservation to anyone interested in hiring a professional and reliable pet sitter. She in many ways has become one of the family.
Debra Sevigny & Tom Nelson, Berwick
Maggie Golden, 1 1/2yrs and Sadie, DLH kitty, 10yrs

Pet care since 2006
We want to thank you so much for taking such good care of our dog and 2 cats in the pet care rooms at your home: 6 yr old Sharpei/Rottie mix, Athena, 20 yr old cat, Tien, who has cancer in her sinuses, and 7 yr old cat, Sherbie. They seemed so happy getting to stay together in a home environment with small-scale personalized care. We feel so lucky and grateful. It was nice to be able to go away and get a break, knowing they were in good hands. Thanks too for being aware of and taking Tien to Dr Beekman when her sinus abscessed & needed to be aspirated. She is doing well, no additional swelling - it's even gone down) and she is eating, sleeping, roaming around and purring. Athena and Sherbie are good too. Thanks again for your thorough, thoughtful, and loving care, and for keeping in touch with us while we were away.
Tom & Diane Money, South Berwick

Kitty care since 2006
My name is Jossalyn Martins and I am so excited to say that I now live back in Dover (my hometown) and have been re-united with my four cats after having them stay with Bonnie Couture for the last month. For a little over a month Bonnie has opened her household and cat pack to my four kitties, Vince, Leo, Simon and Garfunkle and has thankfully given me the opportunity to keep all four of them when I was unfortunately considering surrendering my two youngest! For the first few days the boys were there adjusting, Bonnie sent me detailed emails telling me how well they were adjusting and any little quirky thing she thought was concerning. It was such a relief to know my

special boys were safe and happy at Bonnie’s house. They were able to go in and out as they please, as she had a little fenced in cat yard with a cat door to go in and out of the basement. Because my cats have stayed at Bonnie’s before, she even allowed them to roam free with her other 5 cats which seemed to work out just fine. Her cats are all really adaptable as well as my four boys so I think it was the best thing I could have done for them. Not only did she allow them to roam free with her pack, I know she spent just as much time with my boys as she did with all of her own animals. Bonnie Couture was born to work with animals and has a natural devotion to what she does. I have learned a great deal about animal’s and their behaviors primarily through Bonnie and all her experience, which makes me feel 100% comfortable and trustworthy of leaving what I consider my children, with her. When my boys stay with Bonnie, I never have to worry about whether or not they are being fed, loved, cleaned up after and anything else that falls between. I know that they are in the best hands next to my own and that someone as in-tuned to animals as Bonnie is few and far between. I would recommend Bonnie’s Pet Sitting to anyone who loves their animals just as much as she and I love ours because your animals will definitely be in the best hands in the business. For me, Bonnie provided stress and worry free pet care for my furry babies and I can guarantee she would do the same for anyone else.

Kitty care since 2002
We are so very pleased with the care that Bonnie gives to our little Himalayan cat " Jasmine". Jasmine gets quite upset when we leave, and Bonnie cares for her like her own animals. Bonnie always checks in with us during the week to let us know how Jasmine is doing while we are away. We would highly recommend Bonnie's pet care to anyone who loves their pets like we do.
Jim and Sue Galeota, Rollinsford, NH

Doggie care/midday visits since 2005
"I am so happy that we found Bonnie! My doggies are always happy when I get home from work, and I have a note about their visits and any special fun things they did together during their mid-day visit. Bonnie is also very observant and points out any potential health issues. My boys have also visited Bonnie's pet care rooms at her home, and they ran in with their tails wagging. Bonnie is very flexible which is so helpful when my schedule changes. I highly recommend Bonnie for your pet care needs!"
Gail Honig, North Berwick Bob, Beagle mix & Max, Rottie/Pekignese mix

Kitty care since 2009
Hi, Bonnie - we are SO appreciative of the care you gave to our extended (non-human) family while we were gone. We asked you to take care of our 5 cats, 2 gerbils and 7 fish, not to mention our 5,000 (it seems like!!) plants. You did a fantastic job - you even coddled our old and deaf cat who couldn't hear when food was being dished out. Thank you for making them and us feel comfortable about our being away!
Sylvia and Maurice S. Berwick

Kitty care since 2002
Here are our thoughts on your kitty visits. We love that you're so reliable and so willing to come at short notice for family emergencies. Carrie and Twilight are much happier staying at home than coming with me or being boarded out. Carrie is shy but really appreciates your visits -- I can tell because she's always so calm when I come home. Twilight says you give the best belly rubs ever -- I don't get to do that, so I never felt the lipoma that you found. We appreciate the careful watch you keep for health issues. Twilight thanks you for giving him his medicine while I'm away. We all thank you for being willing to medicate friendly cats, because that helped our old friend O.C. live for 3 years with diabetes. You're the best and we're glad you live in Berwick!
Elizabeth Chickering, Berwick

Kitty care since 2004
Bonnie makes going away effortless. I don't need to worry about my two kitties. I know that they are in the best of hands. Bringing them to a boarder was always so stressful for them. They love staying in the comfort of their own home and having Bonnie visit. Update - 2010: now that Newkie needs seizure meds 2x/day, they go and stay at Bonnie's cat care rooms when we go away! :) I usually bring the boys to Bonnie's, but sometimes she comes and picks them up for us and brings them to her home for their/our vacation.
Lisa Wagner, S. Berwick Newkie & Spice, tabby tiger and orange tiger

Doggie midday visits since 2005
My pups, Petey, (sweet special needs: deaf with only one eye which is blue), white with bright brown dappled Daschund, and Sephin, (full of herself to new people) sassy MinPin, are as excited every time Bonnie walks in the door as they are when any family member comes home. Sephin is very nervous and protective and quite the barker but she warmed up to Bonnie very quickly! I am always happy to know that Bonnie is checking in on them and giving them a little love and attention and walk/potty break in the middle of the day.
David Holt, Somersworth

Pet care in 2007..in touch/friendly since :) .......
We met Bonnie in 2007 and were instantly comfortable with her. More importantly, we could tell our animals were too – we all just trusted her immediately. Bonnie has a calm, friendly demeanor, and an overwhelming love for animals and people. This, combined with her trustworthiness, instantly took away any worry we had when considering to bring a stranger into our home. As any parent knows, it’s a hard decision to leave your children (human or animal) in the care of someone else. I can say, without hesitation, that it was not a hard decision once we met Bonnie. She is a great care-giver and has become a trusted friend in the process. We’ve even adopted a couple cats from her! From all of us ‘on the hill’ in Rochester, don’t just take our word for it – call her now and see for yourself. You will be glad you did!
Michelle & Rachel (lovely humans - Bonnie says so! ;) ), Cloe ('coy' lady, Nova Scotia Duck-Tolling Retriever), Raggles (host with the most Tuxedo Kitty, from Bonnie), Rita (gray tiger Tabby kitty), & Little Miss Olive (shy Calico kitty, from Bonnie/CVHS foster)

Doggie midday visits since 2009
Not only is Bonnie trustworthy and dependable she truly cares about our two dogs! I know that it would be a long day at home for our "two girls" without Bonnie's visits.
Pet Owners, Kathy and Jeff, and their "two girls" ~ Maggie, Chocolate Lab, and Roxy, English Bulldog/Basset mix